note: brackish and aggressive

Time to sell my beloved figure eight puffers. I have four. One of them is a classic ‘figure 8’ pattern and three are more mottled. I do not know the genders. I have had them together for over three years. The ‘8’ pattern guy is the dominant and he is very aggressive and I would like to sell it alone for it to live alone in its new home. The other three are not aggressive but I do not know what would happen when a new fish becomes dominant once the ‘8’ guy is removed. They are all about 2” long. They are kind of expensive but it’s hard to order and keep a puffer alive and these guys are very very hardy. I can also take you through what is required for their brackish set up. The good news is they eat repashy mixed with oyster shells so you don’t need to worry about snails for their teeth. They also eat freeze dried krill, anything frozen, and of course live snails. I can take a video of them eating if desired. They live up to 15 years and have been a complete joy. The only reason I am selling them is because I have a couple projects that take precedence. You need minimum 20 gallon to house 1 of them. I have all four of them in a 65 with not enough plants cuz I don’t have time for that tank.

thanks for looking.