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yeah!!! shipment today! after closing. .
tanks are ready..awaiting new fish.
heres the list.
for those goldfish excited short tail ryukins arrived! I ll try again. but..there are others
goldfish butterfly calico
goldfish oranda thai assorted 5 cm
more next thursdays
and the tropicals
gourami black striped chocolate!!! spaerichthys acrostoma
rasbora axelrodi blue
rasbora blue neon dwarf kuboti
fire mouth cichlid preordered
crowntail tricolor betta
black shrimp caridina cf. breviata
shrimp dwarf zebra caridina cf. babaulti
shrimp blue rili neociaridina
cardinal tetra
habrosus cory dwarf !!!
pepper cory
pygmy cory

more on Thursday. some of the preorders are coming Thursday night.

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If you have any pygmy cories left, how much are they?

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I have 56 tanks.
Small compact store but I have a lot of small tanks for nano fish etc.
No worries they are not squished in like sardines! And they get fed very well.
I treat middy like they are my own.
Of the fish on that
Is sold out.
New list
For nov 9th.

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