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We have an incoming fish order arriving April 20th... here's a look at what I ordered. I'll update after they arrive with any that didn't come, as well as some photos :)

Cambodian Long Fin Male Betta x3
White Snow Crowntail Male Betta x2
Green Tiger Barbs x35
Odessa Barb x15
Amano Shrimp x35
Black Skirt Tetra x25
Cardinal Tetra x25
Lemon Tetra x25
Rummynose Tetra x25
Long Fin Serpae Tetra x25
Double Red Agassizi Apistogramma x3
Fire Cherry Shrimp x25
Dwarf Aquatic Frog x40
Otocinclus x30
Assorted Corydora x25
Rubbernose Pleco x15
Long Fin Gold Bristlenose Pleco x10
Pea Puffer x15
Carpintis Pearl Cichlid x8
Platinum Blue and Black Angelfish x10
Spotted Salamander x3

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Fish have arrived!

What didn't come: cardinal tetras, longfin serpae tetras and white snowflake crown tail betta.

All fish are looking really good, and should be good to go! Photos will be coming tonight :)
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