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Just placed this order, hopefully everything ships! :)

Check out the sale thread I'll be making shortly - this weekend is a good weekend to come by!

Silver Hatchetfish
Blood Red Sarasa
Beckford Pencilfish
XL Congo Tetra
Rummynose Tetra Jumbo
Paradise Fish
Powder Blue Dwarf Gourami
Red Sunset Dwarf Gourami
Indian Mudskipper
Pink Purple Custard Male Guppy
Red Tail Zebra Loach
Black Orchid Crowntail
White Snow Crowntail
Black Melano Halfmoon Male
Koi Plakat Male XL
Veil Male Betta
Pandurini Apistogramma
Bumble Bee Cichlid
Asst Angelfish
Feeder Comet 1.5"
Feeder Comet 3"
Blue Oranda 4"
Hihead Oranda 5"
Ryukin Asst 4.5"
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