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Here's a list of fish I have ordered to arrive this week. I'll post photos when they arrive :)

Arriving Tuesday:
Neon Tetra
Cardinal Tetra
Julii Corydora
Red and Blue Colombian Tetra
Threadfin Rainbow
Boesmani Rainbow
Mixed Angelfish
Pea Puffer
Assassin Snail

Arriving Wednesday:
8" Assorted Koi
Blue Snakeskin Angelfish
Red Head Gold Angelfish
Royal Pleco L091
Sarasa Blood Red Comet
Siamese Algae Eater
Black Orchid Crowntail Male Betta
Platinum White Halfmoon Male Betta
Dumbo Ear Male Betta
Twin Tail Male Betta

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Boesmani and angels didn't come today.

Cardinals are nice and big, had to pick up six for myself!

Pea puffers also came in looking nice and plump :)

Photos to come tomorrow after second order arrives.
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