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Fishroom Stuff For Sale

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Clearing out more stuff from the fishroom, and more to post slowly as I shut r down.

-50 gal glass aqaurium, with center brace and hinged glass top, perfect for breeding africans or pleco's, or both at the same time... $75

-MegaFlow 3 sump, rated for 110 gal tank, with media and sponge, no pump. Could push to 130g system, as I had a 20g hospital tank plumbed into it also. $100

-Exo Terra dual bulb 2 x 26 watt max canopy, no bulbs. #PT-2226. $25

-Older 42' Python, with all parts, small hole at 19' 6". Repair, or cut to the length u need. $25

-3 x Jager 75W heaters. Less than 3 years old. $15 ea.
-1 x Jager 100W heater. Less than 3 years old. $15

-36" Coralife single bulb fixture. Works but likely needs new bulb. $10

-2 x 36" black single bulb fixture. Old school with starter. Work great, with newer bulb. $10ea.

-48" Oak/brown All-Glass fixture, with aqua-glo bulb. $20

-3 x 36" Sunblaster w/clips cord and coupler. $10ea.
-1 x 36" Leviton 'Sunblaster' with clips/cord. $10

-2 x 48" Sunblaster with cord and coupler, no clips. $10 ea.

More to list. Lotsa gravels, sands, crushed corals. No delivery's. Pick-up only. Will hold for 48 hrs only. First to text me gets it.

Cheers, Chris. 604 813-1165
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Possible interest in the 50g tank, will text you.

Had a couple enquiries about the 50 gal tank. Actually have two, just still using one temporarily. 36"long, 17 1/2" high, and 18" wide. Painted black on 3 sides, with a heavy glass brace in the center. Perfect breeder tanks. Am open to offers on one or both.
A couple sunblasters picked up today. And some gravel. 50 gallon tanks with glass tops. $50 ea! Maybe throw in a light. Doesn't hurt to ask....
Any 48" sunblasters left?
Yes. Still have the 2-48" left.
50 gallon tank is pending.
last 2 - 36" Sunblasters are pending.
Everything else still up for grabs. Nobody needs a 42' python. WWWHHHHAAAATTTTT?
A couple of great BCA'ers over tonite. All Sunblasters pending/sold. Python sold. All buckets of dark and natural colored gravel sold. Still have 1 brand new 50lb bag of natural gravel, 3 buckets of crushed coral, and 2 buckets of black sand for sale. The J&L, King Ed's Boxing Week Sale fund is slowly growing.....Bump it up!!!!!
Pending pickup this weekend. I can let u know if it falls through, Cheers.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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