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The extremely tiny writing on my bottle of Fluval micronutrients says to use .5 ml per 10 gallons. The cap is marked in increments of 5 ml to 25 ml. Five milliliters is, of course, ten times more than .5 milliliters. The smallest marking on the cap, then, would be for a hundred gallon tank.

Is this an error? Does Fluval really mean to use 5 mls per 10 gallons? That would seem more likely and so much easier, but it's not what it says. I couldn't find any info on the Fluval website.

Is anybody else using Fluval micronutrients? If .5 ml is correct, is there a way to measure .25 mls? So far, I have been just dipping my finger into the bottle and then into the tank every now and again. Of course, that may be the same as doing nothing at all for my plants.

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