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90 Gallon Hagen Tank including Hood (with 2-42" power glow bulbs), Black Iron Stand, Fluval 405 exterior filter, Aquaclear mini filter, heater, gravel, java fern, rocks and Freshwater Fish!
3 clown loaches (biggest is about 4 inches) 1 angelfish (4 inch tall), 8 inch Bala Shark, 3 siamese Algae eaters and about 20 misc. kinds of tetras!
Misc. other equipment includes Gravel siphon, fish food, glass cleaners and nets, water test equipment

$300 for everything!

For more information, please email me at [email protected] Water Plant Green Fin Botany
Water Vertebrate Green Fin Underwater
Vertebrate Water Organism Pet supply Aquatic plant
Audio equipment Gadget Gas Cylinder Computer hardware


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