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I have the following fish for sale in Toronto. Shipping is about $80 for 2 day Canadapost service. I have shipped a couple of times to BC with no DOAs so far. If there are any DOA I need a picture of the unopened bag and I will replace the fish where available but buyer pays shipping. Any question feel free to ask.
L333 F1 Fry 1" $20 or 6 for $100
L066 breeding group of 6 for $600 fry on site
L239 2"-4" group of 4 for $200
Rare Hypancistrus Sp. Garupa 2-2.5" group of 3 for $225
Group of 6 Corydoras Metae for $20
Blushing Angels quarter to toonie size for $2 each

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Daniel and I got the L333 from Matt and they're top notch. No problems at all. I love them. Here's a pic in case anyone is interested.

very nice pleco!!
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