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For sale in Surrey BC

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My sister just came over after cleaning out her tank, and brought a pile of odd ball africans between 2 to 4 inch that has basically crowed out her original adults. These were fry that survived in her tank. Shes willing to let them go between $6.00 to $8.00 apiece. A lot of mixed peacocks, red empress electric blue alis all of good stock and fantastic color. She figure two hundred fish in a 160 gallon was a bit extreme
3 inch dalmation ,ollys $1.50
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ob and venustus

Any OB Peacocks or Venustus?
I have OB peacock and venustus
visit us at 2495 kingsway in Vancouver

Sorry I cant see well enough to do pics im sighted impaired
no hes going blind, but the fish are beautiful I was over there the other day. and he has some small OB peacocks
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