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Hey everyone,

We are extremely pleased to announce that our latest wild-caught Peruvian shipment has arrived as of last week and they are looking absolutely stunning. Our goal was to acclimate them as effectively as possible and keep them in a pristine environment until we find them a new home.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask. Make sure to book an appointment to view them soon as we are confident that you will fall in love with the beautiful animals we have brought in. We will continue to add more pictures so keep tuned!

PM us your email and a pricelist will be sent to you shortly. Thanks for all of the interest, hope to hear from you soon.


Vampire Tetra Armatus

Size: 12-18cm

Description: Extremely rare and sought after species… Similar to vampire tetras but with many key differences in appearance and personality. Has a black spot in adipose fin. Black band in caudal and anal fins. Yellowish to reddish coloration on caudal fin. They can grow to be over a meter in length and weight over 40 pounds!

Achara Corbata (Sailfin Pim)

Size: 10-15cm, 25cm

Description: Stunning example of the species, requires a large aquarium upon reaching larger sizes. They are predators and will eat smaller fish. Extremely rare catfish in very limited quantity.

Crenicichla Proteus (Pike Cichlid)​

Size: 11-12cm

Description: Beautiful wild-caught specimens. Best kept with larger cichlids or a species only setup. Likely to eat smaller fish.

Altum Angels

Size: 6-8 cm

Description: Prefer soft water and a pH below 6.5. Considered the most beautiful angelfish, they grow taller than common ones and require a tall tank to accommodate their vertical fins once they have grown larger.

Spotted Altum Angelfish (SOLD OUT)​

Size: 15cm

Description: Similar to Altum Angel above

Banded Dwarf Cichlid (Apistogramma Agassizii )​

Size: 3-5cm

Description: Peaceful fish that should be fed small amounts 2-3 times a day. They eat small pellets or high quality flakes. A very nice South-American Cichlid.

Silver Barracuda​

Size: 11cm

Description: Aggressive, can grow up to 10inches. Water quality is essential for them to thrive in a tank environment. Best kept with fishes of similar size and temperament.

Diadem Cichlid​

Size: 7-8cm

Description: Omnivorous, generally peaceful species but can be aggressive sometimes depending on tank size, condition, and other fish inside. Relatively easy to take care of.

Motta Spotted Catfish​

Size: 12cm

Description: Comfortable in almost any environment, though prefers having a hiding space. Tankmates should be chosen carefully, can be aggressive towards weaker species. A few recommended tankmates could be armored loricarids and doradids, or larger fish such as cichlids.

Sturgeon Catfish​

Size: 12-15cm

Description: Another very interesting looking catfish. Long whiskers, curved nose, and very elegant.

Red Pencil Fish​

Size: 3-4cm

Description: Prefers dim lighting and will show its colours better over a dark substrate. It looks incredible in a heavily planted setup decorated with pieces of bogwood and twisted roots. Peaceful with other species, should be kept with similar size tank mates.

Papa Pleco​

Size: 7-8cm

Description: Similar to Royal Plecos, peruvian panaque, they are very unique and wonderful animals.

Hystrix Stingray​

Size: 15cm

Description: They grow up to around 12 inches in diameter as long as there is adequate tank size and water is kept as clean as possible. A proper and careful acclimation time is necessary to keep their stress levels low and increase their chance of survival. Stingrays are a wonderful addition to a tank but make sure you have thoroughly researched and prepared to prevent any unnecessary deaths!

Motoro Stingray​

Size: 10-12cm

Description: Refer to above

Diamond Piranha (Blue and Purple available)​

Size: 9-10cm

Description: A very rare and menacing looking beast with a beautiful colour. They are fierce, opportunistic feeders and feed on the fins and flesh of all sorts of animals. Should be kept solitary unless in a large tank with companions such as armoured catfish.

Elongatus Piranha​

Size: 10-12cm

Description: Recognized for its longer, elongated shape opposed to other piranhas which are rounder. They are powerful and swift swimmers and are finger followers so you can watching it follow you around as you move your fingers against your tank.

Red Belly Piranha​

Size: 8-10cm

Description: Very aggressive predators with extremely sharp and powerful teeth. If you throw in a feeder in a tank with these animals, you will quickly see them reduced to bones. Should be kept well fed and they will eventually grow up to be around the size of your hand.

Nanay Discus​

Size: 9-10 cm

Description: Wonderful specimens, acclimating very well and eating blackworms.

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More pictures! Thanks for all of the interest so far, keep the PM's coming or feel free to leave any comments or questions here as well :)

Altum Angelfish

Silver Barracuda

Pike Cichlid

Silver Barracuda

Red Pencilfish

Adonis Pleco

Elongatus Piranha


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can you please send me the name and price of that forth picture from the bottom
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