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For sale : REDUCED 90 gallon with stand whole setup

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Thanks for the kind works everyone item sold


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BUMP REDUCED PRICE someone needs this setup
Bob's altums are from me and they are settled in altums for many months in his tank. They were $40 newly imported. A settled in Altum and much bigger size now are easily in the $60-$70 range. Just the 3 fish with the Fx5 is worth the price Bob is asking for. You are getting a much better deal for the tank, ada, plants, and whatever that comes with the package.

Good luck with the sale.
Bob send me your absolute lowest and maybe I'll be interested if you need it gone . Don't need it but you know
if it ever comes to separating the setup, id be interested in one of the altums
Wow where have you been Bob? you still keep fish?Btw that price is very affordable.
Hi people, I picked up this setup from Bob (Thanks again!). If anyone was interested in some of the stuff let me know, I may be willing to part with the angels...

I will be selling the tank and stand in the near future as well as I think I will move most stuff into my 120 gal
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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