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Four pea puffers available for rehoming. Asking $20 for all 4 puffers. Also open for trades for cherry shrimps, plants or nano fish. The pea puffers are fully grown adults, about 10 months old. See pictures. I believe that 3 are females and 1 is a male but not sure. They are very peaceful. I keep them in a 15 gallon tank with CPDs, ember tetras, cherries and Amano shrimps without any issue. I’m feeding them with live and frozen brine shrimps, ramshorne snails, MTS, bludder snails etc. They don’t eat flakes or any dry food. 3 are extremely healthy, one seems to have some sort of a tumour but doesn’t seem to bother her, always had it and seems has a great appetite. Pick up in Lower Lonsdale, North Vancouver. Email me if interested. Thanks!!