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Free: 5 black tail endlers and 1 White Skirt Tetra

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I have five black tail endlers that I just inherited that all have scoliosis displaying as a zigzag spine. It doesn't affect them swimming wise and I found them very difficult to net out and separate because they are fast and agile. They are part of a breeding colony and I do not want to introduce the genes of this disfigurement to the offspring.

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I will throw in a White Skirt Tetra as well that I do not have room for. It would do better with other skirt tetras and I don't want a school of them in a small tank.

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If somebody wants to pick them up for tonight at VGH while I am at work as either feeders or as pets, let me know and I will bring them to work. Contact me no later than 1:30 today. I am at work from 3pm - 11pm Friday. Alternately pick up at my home near VCC/Clark skytrain Saturday morning.

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I am getting ready for work now so if anyone wants them it will need to be pick up tomorrow morning. I am dismantling the tank they are in tomorrow morning so the sooner they go the less stress they will experience. If they are not gone by noon tomorrow they will go into a breeder box in another tank.

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