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hi everyone im looking to rehome my last 4 cichlids by monday or im taking them to the LPS as im shuting down & selling the tank there in
so if you want them give me a call at (604)302-9337 after 5pm in the evenings
they are free

they are now pending pickup for saterday

there are
1 white with silvery black strips Its male
1 yellow with whitish strips not sure of sex
1 albino convict male i think i have it in a breeders net
1 big Blue female shes holding eggs her & the white male had them it was neat to watch the courtship of the 2

i live in abbotsford there for pick up only & must take all 4 bring own bag or bucket to carry them in

here are some pics of them
white male
cicklida 001.jpg
the yellow & the white male
cicklida 003.jpg
the blue female
cicklida 006.jpg cicklida 005.jpg
the convict
cicklida 002.jpg
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