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FS 1 HP chiller

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It's a Pacific Coast Imports 1 HP chiller. A friend bought it around 2 years ago, and I got it from him about 8 months ago with plans of going to a salt tank, but never did. I tested it with the freshwater tank and it works fine.
This thing is pretty large and heavy. It doesn't come with a pump. It has 1" in and out ports, titanium heat exchanger. You can look up all the specs, it's a C-1000 model, no heater.
Somewhat flexible on the price, it's difficult to find these things used to judge how much to ask. $800
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To be honest, I'm not sure.
Specs says it will lower 750 gallons down 30 degrees, or 1200 gallons down 10 degrees. I think that is the top of the size though, so 'up to' 750 gallons.

Sound right? I'm not too savvy on chiller knowledge.
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