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FS: 10 gal CRS shrimp set up

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I'm selling my whole 10 gallon CRS set-up $450 including approx. 50 various age CRS and they are constantly breeding. also includes the following:

-10 Gallon rimless tank
-Black solid wood stand and cabinet
-Eheim 2211 canister filter with Eheim substrat Pro
-corner sponge filter with air pump
-T8 light fixture with spare 6500k bulbs
-Ada aquasoil in the tank, approx 2 years old with recent top-up. another 1/4 bag in a bucket ready to be added
-TDS Meter
-pH Meter
-python for water change
-Clean oak and maple leaves (best shrimp food IMO)
-few types of shrimp food

Looking to sell everything together, will look at any offers. Pick up only, pictures to follow
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Looking for quick sale, will take 200 for everything
Am interested, but would like to see some pictures, please. Could you post or PM?

Also interested, please send pics.
Everything sold, thanks
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