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FS: 120 gallon hagen tank, can be used as terrarium also

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Selling my Hagen tank. It is 5 Ft, 120 gallon. Has some minor scratches as its used but in very good condition. It has half inch thick glass, no leaks or cracks. Very sturdy and heavy. Black silicone. The dimensions are 60 x 18 x 24. Perfect for a show tank. Can keep big fishes easily.
Can also be used as a nice terrarium for keeping big snakes or lizards.

This size tank would cost double the price at any pet store . And also very difficult to get that thick glass anymore.

Asking $250.00. No low ballers please. All reasonable offers will be considered.

if interested please send me mail ,text or call. Also please get at least 2 strong guys to lift it as very heavy.

Need it gone as its taking up too much space

Thanks for reading

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Due to some people No-show, tank is still available


Had No show again, still available
First person to come over, gets it.
Sorry, no more holds
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still available
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