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**** UPDATE - Fish are gone, tank is still running. Looking to get the live rock/sand taken care of before I part out. New Price. $600!

Hi All,

Breaks my heart to do this, but we're going through the motions to sell our home and I may be homeless for a while. I'm looking to clean house and start back up sometime in the future.

The tank is neglected and I just started putting love back into it.

Water Pet supply Organism Aquatic plant Fish

The hardware list:

- 120g 48x24x24 display tank
- stand
- I think it's a 50g sump
- 2 eheim return pumps (there's a story for why there are two)
- new (3 months?) jbj ATO
- new MaxSpect Gyre XF150 -- this thing is amazing. So quiet and moves so much water. It's like super brand new. Maybe a month old.
- beamworks LED
- heaters, I think it's 2x 150w
- programmable timer for the lights
- I built a "portable" water changer -- 20g brute + a return pump that's plumbed to also mix the water. There's also a 50' python.
- 1/3 of a bucket of salt.. maybe less.
- whatever bits and pieces I have kicking around

New Price: $600 for everything!

OR I'll part out the rocks and sand:

- Sand is free, otherwise it's going into the bin.
- Rocks: $0.75/lbs. Wet now, but I'll probably start drying soon.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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