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FS: 125 gallons all glass aquarium

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Would like to not part, selling as a whole. Thanks.

Aquarium, 72 X 18 X 24"

Getting out of hobby!

125 gallons glass aquarium
Sturdy home made stand
2 x XP3 canisters filter
1 x 48" LED light bar
2 x 36" LED light bar
2 Aqua Nova spare canisters filter
Aquatek CO2 regulator with solenoid valve and bubble counter and 10 pound cylinder
Pinpoint pH probe
50' python water changer
Lots of extra, driftwood, activated carbon, automatic feeder, 300w heater, etc...

Up and running at the moment, planted, about 60 small fishes if you want them

Reduce price 600$

Plant Vertebrate Pet supply Rectangle Terrestrial plant
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I would be interested in thos xp3's if you are willing to part out

Thanks for your consideration
Hi, interested in tank only.
I will take the CO2 system if you are going to part out. Thanks.
I'm interested in 48" led. Please pm me with a price if you are splitting.
Not tempered, no brace, minor scratch on front glass.
Are you considering parting out?
No parting at the moment.
No the back is a piece of painted canvas.
Just wondering if I could come take a look at this.
Please call or text me at 6049991342
Bump, how about reduce to 700$
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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