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Not going to set it up any time soon so if someone wants it and can make good use of it, $60. Includes glass lid, media basket, some Hydroton for the biomedia, return pump and submersible heater. For another $15, I'll include enough dry or dead rock (and a piece of live rock to seed it) to get it going as a sw reef tank.

So for $75, it would be Biocube 14 tank with glass lid, pump, media basket, submersible heater and 10-14 lbs of dead/live rock

NO lights or stand included. IF buyer really wants the stand, we can maybe work something out.

I do have a spare LED lights (120w full- spectrum with 55 emitters) that I would sell for $100 when I get it back from my friend. Buyer may prefer a smaller light.

Pick up in Burnaby, but I'll be in Coq./PoCo tomorrow afternoon and could meet up or maybe deliver.

I can text pics of the tank if you want.

Anthony 604-868-5553
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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