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Moving soon, so this set up has to go sadly...the tank, canister filer and stands are about 1.5yrs old. The fixture is about 1 yr old.
The canister is now connected to under gravel filtration system as I had shrimps before.

ADA Tank 60L 30W 36H (cm)
Ehiem 2215 - The outlet connector, from cainster to outlet pipe, had a leak previously, i just silicon up, never had an issue after since.
Coralife HO Dual T5 20" - two 10,000K T5 bulbs, fixture and bulbs are about a year old now, also has the original "blue" T5 Bulb
Ehiem Jagar 50W Heater
Ehiem Surface Skimmer
Stand 60L 47W 63H (cm) with storage space

I also have an air pump with it that i no longer use. Plants, a small piece of drift wood and live stocks and soil are all yours too, if you don't want them, i'll take them out.

Over the weekend i can take a few more pics.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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