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I successfully kept fish and plants in this aquarium for over 15 years. I've moved on to new hobbies and moving, so I'm selling the aquarium and everything related! Perfect for beginner, isolation/breeding tank or expert that wants a good deal on all the accessories.

The stand was actually made bigger than the existing tank, thinking I would upgrade to a bigger tank in the future, so has potential use besides the 15g tank included here.

Here is a list of what is included:

-15 gal glass tank 24"x12"x12" with temperature guage
-background waterscape decoration (2 options)
-2-3 inches of gravel, perfect for growing plants
-50 foot aquarium vacuum with gravel cleaner attachment (almost new)
-custom made melamine stand (black)
-hood with light and extra bulb (florescent fixture)
-water heater (needs new suction cup holder, I use a binder clip to keep the top out of the water)
-2 filtration systems (large one made for a bigger tank, may need new pump. Smaller one proper size for tank, works perfectly.)
-sponge, charcoal and other filtration mediums (peat and bio blocks) for both size filters
-2 different water test kits for testing up to 6 different conditions
-water conditioner (chlorine remover) and PhDown additives
-variety of fish foods
-small fish net
-tank cleaning brushes (stick and magnetic)

Any other aquarium accessory I have that I forgot to mention here will be included.

This is being sold as a complete set, I will NOT be breaking up individual components.

You pick up, delivery is negotiable. Located in Lynn Valley, North Vancouver.
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