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Life and priorities have changed so I've decided to downsize my current system. I have the following for sale and I'm open to reasonable offers... If you want to see pictures of it while it was running, please check the link in my signature. Everything listed was purchased new. Call or text Jamie @ 604-312-6649

180g Aqueon (72x24x24) glass tank Sold
75g Aqueon (48x18x21) glass tank $75

Aqueon Black stand (72x24x29) Sold
Custom Maple stand - This stand is half finished and I'm going to be finishing it and putting it up for sale. If you have any interest in buying it as-is and finishing it yourself, make me an offer.

Current USA Satellite Plus LED (2x36" fixtures) - I also have a Ramp up/down timer that I will include: Sold
Current USA Moonlight LED's - These are attached to the fixtures above and run on a separate power source so you can have moonlights on at night
Hagen GLO Fixture (48") - Currently equipped with a Giesemann 54W Aquaflora and Giesemann 54W Midday bulbs $100

Eheim 2075 Canister filter - Sold
TMC Vecton-6 25W PRO UV Sterilizer - High dwell time, high end UV filter with a spare bulb rated for 500g tank or smaller $150
The UV is currently plumbed in-line with the Eheim canister return
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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