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Hi there,

I have a badis badis for sale - it's about 4cm long and eating ramshorn snails and blood worms. I'll post a photo later tonight. Reason I'm selling is because I'm unable to keep shrimp with him (which is not helping me keep my plants super clean). I have unfortunately moved him into a bucket and doing daily water changes (the water temp is 25 right now which is okay for now) but it would be great if someone could give him a nice home soon.

Pickup Locations/Times:

  • Richmond on weekday evenings
  • Canada Line on weekday mornings (not afternoon as I don't want him sitting in the bag for 8hrs+ while I'm at work)
  • Richmond weekends usually all day

    Please text me at 778 840 8188 or PM me here to coordinate for a time.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
Not open for further replies.