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FS 2 female leopard geckos, and 1 possible male crested gecko.

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I have two Leo's and a crested available.

I am moving in a few months so they unfortunately have to go. :(

Leo 1: Clementine is about 2years old. She was purchased from Franklins Reptiles at the Reptile Expo. She always has a look of determination on her little face. It is recommended that she be housed on her own. She did fine with my other two but enjoyed picking on Pinky. She loves to be handled and will come out and tell you when she wants to be handeled. She is a fantastic eater and shedder. Likes worms, but loves her crickets more. Never been bred, but I am more than open to people who would be interested in breeding. She is a Carrot Tail Baldy.

I am asking $55

Leo 2: Pinky has got to be 3-4yrs old at least. She was purchased from a breeder from Alberta at the BC Reptile Expo, but I forgot her name. She is a blizzard pos. Bel. Never been bred to prove out the Bel. If one can get her weight up she could be a great breeder. She eats wonderfully she is just naturally a little smaller. She has a shy disposition, but loves to be handeled once she realizes your hand isn't going to hurt her, she is also a fantastic shedder. She can get giant smiles on her face sometimes... it is the sweetest thing ever!

I am asking $55

Take both Leo's for $100
I implore these two NOT be housed together. Clementine only bullied her.

Crested: Gumby is about a year and a half old. He doesn't mind being handeled for short lengths of time. He loves his food and will even eat from your hands. He will even eat superworms and crickets about once or twice a month with gusto. When he is fired up he has a gorgeous red to him. He is still growing, and I am almost 70% sure he is a male. Still too young in my opinion to breed. He comes with his food and food dish.

I am asking $25

Take all three for $120
a Leo and the crestie for $70

Gumby does have a cage availabe with all supplies. It is an 18x18x24 exo terra 9/10.
Gecko+setup is $100 (add a Leo take off $10 for the first Leo and $5 for the second with this option)

Cage cannot be sold separately until the crestie is gone. If gecko is sold I am asking $75 for the setup.

I also have a 20gal Leo setup that Clementine is housed in.
For the full setup with aquarium log like decor and Leo I am asking $80 without the aquarium log $70(add a Leo minus $10, and/or add the crested minus $5)

If Leo's are sold the tank will be $35 with log $20 without.

Buy everything for $190

^^^ This is Pinky's baby picture. She gets big beautiful smiles like this often. <3

More pictures to come from phone.
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I would love to take care of your pinky. But ill have to take her next week as i need to setup a 10gallon tank for her
I would love to take care of your pinky. But ill have to take her next week as i need to setup a 10gallon tank for her
Leopard Geckos require a much larger enclosure. A 10 gallon does not have enough surface area to provide the proper temperature gradients or give them enough room to move around.

You'll find a larger enclosure is easier to maintain and your lizard will be healthier. Leo's often pick one corner of the enclosure to use as their bathroom (place a piece of paper towel there for easy clean-up), and don't like to eat or drink near where they go to the washroom. A larger aquarium allows you to place their water dish (and feed them them) on the opposite end of the tank.

Also, Leopard Gecko's need to have a surface temperature of around 88-90f in one area; they need the heat on their belly to digest their food. You'll know if they aren't getting enough eat because their stool will be soft and watery. But, they also need to be able to move away from the heat source to regulate their temperature, which they can't do in too-small of an enclosure.

I'm rambling...please send me a PM if you want any info on how to care for Leopard Geckos. I don't claim to be an expert, but have had one for 11 years and have learned a lot along the way.
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Thats why you go with the flater 10 gallons instead of the average fish tank. Many different sources are saying 10gallons minimum for 1 leopard gecko. Ive done intensive research these last few days abouy essentials for leopard geckos. Including reseach on nutritents and impaction.
Never noticed you said a 10gal. I would like the surface area at a minimum to be 24". She also does like to climb. Here is a picture of her current cage with two of her other roomies.

Old pictures so the decor is not up to date.
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ok ok i can up the size of the tank but i have no idea where im going to get a 3d background for it to climb on
Oh the background isn't important, she just likes a bit of height. 12" should be the lowest I have a reptile hide log she can use to chill on that I will give with her. :) just as long as there is something for her to climb up a bit that's good.
Can't edit my post. 10-12" is what I meant to say.
XD missed an other piece grrrrr lol, if you put the log thing on a bit of an angle with something like a rock wedged under it will give the climbing she needs. Used to have it like that for her
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Adding my big wooden terrarium as pictured above for sale.

It is a great tank I love it wish I didn't have to sell it. :(

Tank only! (May have some goodies I don't use anymore)
Can throw in sand for free.

asking $160obo don't be shy but please don't low ball.
Originally paid $240

However before this gets sold, I need a cheap or free tank 30-36" long does not have to look pretty and does not matter if it doesn't hold water.
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Bump. New pricing.

Clementine is now $35 she is hard at seeing in the one eye so must be able to devote more time to make sure she can eat.

$40 for Pinky.

$15 for Gumby.

Terrarium is $145

Got to get them new homes really soon.
Could you post a few more pictures of Pinky and Gumby. I'm interested in both of them but I have to finish setting up enclosures.
Reptile Comfort Human body Textile Scaled reptile
Head Hand Frog Eye Leg
Head Eye Reptile Human body Lizard

This one is Clementine thought I would get them up before I forgot. XD
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Willing to trade Pinky for fire red cherries
I have sent a PM.
If it doesn't work out in willing to pay the 40 for pinky
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