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Hi All,

A couple months back I purchased a group of 5 juvenile GT's (Andinocara Rivulatus). I've decided to keep the more dominant male and 2 females in my 135g tank. I now have both a male and female that I need to re-home.

These are (were) sub-dominant fish. They have not grown as much as the others but they are showing very nice colour. I currently have them in my QT tank waiting to be rehomed.

Unfortunately I didn't divide them quickly enough when I put them into QT and the male as taken a few chunks out of the females tail - but it is healing nicely.

These guys are not a pair, but I have no reason to believe that they wouldn't pair up and spawn if kept together long term, in an appropriate sized tank.

Males can reportedly get to 12" but based on all the reading I have done it is rare if they exceed 10". Most sites list their full adult size at 8"-10" for Males, while females will remain smaller (say 6" - 8").

With that in mind I think a minimum 75g tank would be required for a pair long term (bigger is better though, and either a 6 foot tank or 4 foot 120g would be ideal), and while a 55g may suffice for a male if you keep it as a solo wet pet, I'd think 75g would be better.

These guys are a pretty aggressive South American Cichlids - which means that while they are aggressive, they are not at the same level as Red Devils, Jaguars, or many of the Central American cichlids out there - if you're looking to keep these guys with other aggressive cichlids you will need at least a 6 foot tank IMHO.

With all that said I would let these guys go for $7 each or $10 for the pair. I think these guys generally retail for between $10 - $15 each, but I'm more concerned with finding them a good home.

I find it difficult to upload photos to this forum, so if you'd like to see photos send me a text 778-788-0821.

My quarantine tank does not have lights, but I have some pics of the male from when he was in my main tank - he is a good looking fish and will no doubt grow to be a stunning specimen... The dominant male, which I am keeping, was not nearly as colorful as this male until he assumed dominance and coloured up... So I would fully expect that this male I am selling to get at least as nice looking as the one I am keeping, if given the chance to shine...

I am located in Delta near Watershed Park.
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