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I have for sale a 20 Gallon Marineland Biowheel LED Aquarium Kit. It was used for less than a year and is in perfect condition. Included in this kit is:

a standard 20 gallon tank - no scratches and in great condition.
a penguin 150 biowheel filter - works perfectly.
a marineland 100w heater - works great and maintains a stable temperature. No suction cups.
a clip on canopy hood - Slim design that holds the LED light.
a marineland LED light - has daylight and moonlight functions. Able to grow low light plants such as anubia, elodea, amazon swords, vals, etc.
and 30 pounds of gravel - fills about 2 inches of the tank. Please bring a bucket to transport.

All equipment is in perfect condition and works great! The only thing that is missing is the suction cup clips for the heater, which can be found at any local fish store.

I purchased this whole kit for $164.99 + tax, not including the gravel which was $40.

I am asking for $130 for the entire set up. If you are interested or have any questions please private message me.

Below are a few pictures of the kit to give an idea of what it includes.





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