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FS: 2016 New Year's Resolution Garage Cleanout Sale

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Hi Everyone,

Yes my garage purge continues. It's funny how the more I clean up the more stuff I find. Some stuff I can't bear to let go for some idiotic reasons but here's a few items to start. More to come.

AZOO Flexi Mini Light in Silver. $80, which is basically the USD price I paid for it, without the exchange, the taxes, shipping, I'm taking a loss. A great light that I purchased but it doesn't quite work for my tank (I purchased a bigger tank than I had originally intended). I really love this light, aesthetically there's not many that even come close to it. Sleek and sexy, well, for fish stuff it is. LOL

Output device Rectangle Computer monitor accessory Font Automotive exterior

Never used, BNIB. Here's a great review on the light. The best LED I have seen to date: Flex mini Azoo - The Planted Tank Forum

Tunze Turbelle Powerhead 6125. A great powerhead for you folks with large tanks. Moves a monstrous 3150GPH and dead silent. Retails for well over $250. Gently used and well taken care of. Will sell for $125.

Product Peripheral Helmet Automotive lighting Camera accessory

Foam Filter blocks and a Hydro Sponge replacement foam $4 each.

Automotive tire Tire Blue Motor vehicle Bumper

FREE FREE FREE Eheim Ecco 2234 motor (malfunctioned) and housing. Good for salvage of parts for someone that has another Ecco. FREE for anyone who has a use for it. Hate to toss it for nothing.

Anyways, please PM if anything is of interest. I'm sure there will be more additions as I continue my purge. No holds, whoever picks it up first gets it.

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