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Posting this for someone who is no longer able to stay in the hobby due to very serious unrelated health issues.

The 210g with stand, LED lighting, sump, skimmer, UV sterilizer, almost new $500 chiller, 5 stage RODI unit, pumps, powerheads, heaters, the WORKS!!!!

If you want pics, I can text or email pics of the tank, sump & equipment. It is in great condition, only a few years old. Everything was bought from J&L or King Eds. Seriously, if I had the room, I'd be taking this system home with me. Tank is 6' long by 2' wide by 29" tall. Priced to sell and seller would like tank sold and picked up within the next couple weeks if possible. Tank is located around 18th & Nanaimo in East Vancouver. Please pm me for contact info/address and/or pics and more information if you're interested. Just the accessories are well over $1000. If you wanted to convert this into a large freshwater show tank, you could set it up with a sump system and sell off everything you don't need and probably make back most, if not all of the asking price.

Thanks for reading.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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