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sadly i had to let my tank go to move on to better things in life. hopefully oneday i get the chance to get back into the hobby.

22 long rimless (36x12x12)" not sure bout the brand.

6 pcs of good sized manzanita wood with a lot of plants and mosses growing.

ada substrate bout 7 months old.

few kilos of river rocks scattered in the tank.

6 apisto cacatuoides from aprils batch (dominant male and female has succesfully hatched babies) (male has significantly increased fin size and blue coloration) 3 male 3 female total.

12 very healthy and not shy galaxy rasboras (feeds off my tweezers)

7 ember tetras

about 20 crs

3 amano shrimp

4 otto cats

jungle of plants (buces, anubias petite, java fern needle petite, java fern petite, java fern ph, anubias nana barteri, bolbitis petite, bolbitis xl, hygrophila pinatifida, hc carpet, mossess everywhere.

fluval c02 system, ada glass diffuser.

selling as a package.

604 7645357


this pic is taken 6 hrs ago. cheers!!

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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