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Ive decided to shut down my blue bolt king kong red ruby and shadow panda mix tank. Reason being that I just bought a house and unfortuantely its not making the move. tank comes with

eheim 2213 fully packed with biomedia and been running for about 1.5 years
marineland c220 canister filter again matrix media and the nessisary sponges 1.5 years
current led freshwater plus 36" light strip ( less than a year old)
black stand ( minor skuff on front but easily fixable with 7 bucks @ home depot)
ada substate and all the plants you see in the photo ( atleast $25+ worth and I can give more from my 6 foot if needed ** no moss ball)
*** sorry for the terrible iphone 4 pictures**

I was breeding blue bolts and everything else right up to two weeks ago when i got rid of my last shrimp and you can have the entire set up for 275obo. Plug and play breeding you can even take the water if you want it and have a way to transport it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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