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Tank is older, but holds water and was set up until tonight. 24"x18"x12", wide and shallow footprint allows for all kinds of aquascaping possibilities.

Has a foam background siliconed on the back and left pane. It's on there good, so you're not likely to get it off cleanly.

Comes with 2 bags of Eco-complete, used obviously, but still lots of life left on it.

For the past year this has been my neglected cherry shrimp breeding factory.
Time to move it along for someone else to enjoy.

$30 for the Eco-complete, tank is free. (Must buy the substrate for the free tank you cheap buggers)

As is. Like I said, it's an older tank but it holds water and the silicone is actually in great shape. Scratch here or there, but you know, it's not new. Looks good once filled.

Pick up in Coquitlam. Not really interested in delivering, so first come first served.

There may or may not have been duckweed in this (there was) so it you don't want it, tank needs to be washed well before use.

Just tank and substrate, nothing else is included.

PM for more info.

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