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Selling my 26 gallon Aqueon Bow front aquarium
Approx 4 years old. Black silicone (silicone in great shape) Tank was bought new and set up February 2012
Aqueon » Bow Front Aquariums | Products
comes with hood. The hinges for the hood opening are broken but it still sits on just fine and swings up.
Few scratches from a Magnet cleaner on the outside. Never used Copper or any medications in it.
Will include the filter - Fluval C4, think the motor is from an AC70 however. Switched them a few times during cleaning, cant remember whats what. If I find any pieces for the AC70 you can have that too.

Its still running right now, so if somebody wants it I will drain it and remove my plants and you can have it all for $40 (Glass will need a bath as its covered in algae.)

Please PM if interested

Don't really have photos of it.... Especially now with no fish in it, its just covered with algae... but just the film stuff on the glass.

Please PM if interested
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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