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Each section is 15" x 8" x 16" or roughly 9g. 27g altogether.

48" x 15" x 8" tall.

Built by Seahorse Fanatic and bought from as well for a 100 bucks ,nothing wrong with this setup just going to do something different been way to busy and i the daughter wants it moved from her room

Currently setup and running ,comes with heater substrate and the light is a throw in as well just and old 49 in flourencent single strip and its def seen better days(the light that is)

It has a couple sponge filters as well ,tank is currently cycled and running with some fish but there not included

I paid a 100 which is a great deal and i'm asking a 100 ,price is firm and i actualy found my camera to finally get some pics

Hers a link with some pics .it holds water to the top just in the middle of doing some water change ,i can post more pics if needed

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