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I bought him about 3 month ago. The biggest issue with these fish is that they do not eat frozen. After almost 3 weeks of constant nagging, I got mine to eat frozen - he now loves mysis shrimps and brine shrimps. About 80% of these fish come with intestinal worms, which I have treated for as well.

I've always wanted to have this fish and knew from the start that it is an attractive and demanding one. I took care of most of the issues until my female clownfish developed a dislike to the wrasse. Arghhhh. So unfortunately, I have to sell it. I bought him for $60+tax. I will let him go for $45, which I think is a great price considering he now eats frozen foods and does not have intestinal worms for sure (2 of the main reasons why they die in aquariums...).


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