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Hi folks, just moved to a new apt. and I'm getting out of fish :(

I have a 30 - 33 gallon aquarium (18" x 12" x 36") for sale. Comes with a stand and a hood with fluorescent light in it. There is also a number of other accessories that come with it including:

- air pump
- test kits and buffers
- heater
- eco-complete substrate (1 bag about a year old)
- two pieces of slate
- 3 pieces of beautiful planted driftwood (java moss, flame moss, java fern windlov and needle leaf java fern)
- some plants: crypt wendtii, glosso carpet and hairgrass.

I'm asking $150 (obo) for the tank setup.

I also have a 50 foot python for sale. This makes water changes soooo much easier. $50.

You can see my craigslist ad for some photos of the tank.

I'm in vancouver/kitsilano. Call Andrew at 778-960-3856.
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