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Near perfect condition 4 foot TEK T5HO fixture for sale

Holds 4 X4' bulbs. This light was one of the best lights Ive ever had for growing plants and making my fish look amazing but I've converted to LED's. Comes with 2 giesemann mid day 6500k bulbs + 1 aqua flora giesemann bulb ( bit more red) + 1 lagoon blue guisemenn ( more blue) 5 months old on 7 hour timers. 1 foot wide and about 3 inches thick. Two switches each controlling two bulbs.

comes with built in hooks to hang fixture and can include adjustable hanging cables if wanted


Will also include 4 addition used guismen bulb ran for 7 hours a day for 9 months if wanted for free :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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