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I am selling the following, as a complete package for now. Price is firm at the moment. I will part out later if there are no bites. Pick-up only, I live near Oak and 13th in Vancouver.

- 4 gallon rimless tank (12" wide x 7" deep x 10" tall)
- Light, not sure exactly what the specs are but it says Lumino Vivaria on it, and I've been using a 15W CFL with no problems
- A small hang-on power filter, doesn't say the brand on it, but specs on the motor say 4W and 120 litres/hour
- Eheim 25W heater
- Enough Eco-complete to cover about 1.5" of the base
- A few rocks and small sticks of driftwood
- Fake plants and decorations that I've been gifted but never used
- TDS-3 Handheld TDS Meter With Carrying Case
- Trimming scissors
- Planting tongs
- API Freshwater Master Test Kit, they all have maybe 25% to 50% left
- Seachem Prime (~250mL), Seachem Flourish Potassium (~200mL), Seachem Flourish Excel (~20mL), Seachem Equilibrium (~150 grams)
- 4 Seachem Flourish tabs





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