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With a toddler running around, space has really become a commodity for us. It pains me deeply but I'm selling my complete turtle setup.

Livestock Inventory:
4 x zebra danio fish
1 x female Reeves turtle (approx 5 years old)

Aquarium inventory:
40G breeder tank (bare bottom tank)
3 x large rocks
2 x small terracotta pots
1 x magnet algae scraper
1 x aquarium background wallpaper
1 x 75-watt heater
1 x tetra whisper 20 air pump
2 x plastic air stones
1 x SunSun hw-402b filter
1 x heat lamp
1 x UVB lamp
1 x two switch light timer
1 x custom above tank basking area(with fake grass attached)
1 x custom plant box (I use this to house a handful of egeria densa plants. Protection from the turtle and fish)
1 x container of fish food (should last ~3-4 months)
1.5 x container of turtle food (should last ~2-4 months)
1 x 422gph power head with 15ft hose (great for water changes)

I'm not looking to part anything out. If I am selling it, I would appreciate everything going together.

Firm price of $400.

Edit: included food and power head.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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