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I purchased this tank from another member over a year ago and it sat for a while until recently where I set it up to temporarily house some extra fish . Was filled with water and running up until yesterday.

Tank is in good shape, not new, but still lots of life left on it. Silicone is in excellent condition. Glass is more or less clean, maybe a minor scratch here and there, but nothing I've noticed when filled.

Has a small overflow box siliconed into it, so it can be set up and run like a bio-cube with your heater and filtration tucked away. Just need a small powerhead and you're off to the races. I can throw in some bio-balls if you're interested.

Stand is a pedestal-style modern cabinet, nothing fancy, but does the job. Very sturdy and heavy with a single door on the the front to hide away all your supplies.

I'll take some pictures of it when I get home.

Asking $120. Pick up in Coquitlam.
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