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Continuing to downsize my tanks.....these are in my 90g right now and I'm shutting this down.

I have 5 clown loaches of varying sizes: From 3 to 5" or so. Maybe 2 at the 5" range and then the rest will range down from there. They are all great fun to watch and continuously school together. Nice and fat and they eat everything from tilapia to pellets. Same goes for the 2 NTT dats that I have. They are roughly 4 to 4.5". Neat fish to grow out if you have the patience. I'm going in a different direction so both these fish have to go. I'd like to save as much hassle so I'll try to sell the loaches as a group and the dats as a group.

I'll take $80 for the 5 loaches. $90 for the 2 dats. If you want both groups, we can talk. :)


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