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5 gallong tank, white wood stand, bucket of gravel (new, bought 3 months ago- $15 for bag), a cave decoration from petsmart that was $17, plus tons of goodies- a few types of food, blood worms, anti fungus medication, etc.

The hood has 2 lights, but one of them is kind of rusted in. Bulb was just repalced on the side we could get out, and I have a new spare bulb as well.

I had my beta in here, but he died. We are going to stay saltwater, so I'd just like to pass on to someone who would use it.

$30 for everything listed above. I would recommend getting a heater- we had one, but are re-using it in another tank. Otherwise a complete set up - just need the fish!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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