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This is a fully complete, 55 gallon fresh water aquarium. All features and accessories were purchased new within the last year, and the system has been securely packed, so nearly the entire setup is good as brand new. And most important, it is currently running, so you can see how well it all works.


-Aqueon 55 Gallon (208 litres) aquarium, measuring 48 x 13 x 21 (see Aqueon » Products » Deluxe Aquarium Kit)
-unique custom renovated aquarium stand (as seen in photo), drawn from a vintage record player, stained black, fully accommodated for all aquarium equipment, custom installed cabinet doors with tinted plexiglass. Provides excellent silencing
-Fluval 304 Cannister filtration system (see The Fluval 304, excellent bang for the buck - Hagen A210 Fluval 304 110 V - for a review)
-Aqueon 200 Watt submersible heater
-Fusion Air Pump, model 700, can power up to 15 accessories
-Petcetera brand air disc diffuser
-Hagen Air Curtain air diffuser (35 cm)
-2 large exotic natural aquarium hobbyist rocks
-tree log (Malaysian heavy driftwood)
-plenty of natural-coloured aquarium gravel
-Nutrafin PH Test kit
-Nutrafin fish food
-Water conditioner
-PH balancing chemicals (+ and -)
-Vacuum-based gravel cleaner

The total purchase price for this package was over $700.00, so considering the price at $350, this is a really great price for everything you're getting.

Either reply, or send an email to [email protected], or call 778-862-6826 to arrange a time for viewing.

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