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FS: 6" fahaka

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I have a 6" fahaka that I got from king eds. He was 1.5"s when I got him.
He has been my baby for the past 2 months .... He literally grew 4 inches + in 2 months...

I want him to go to a very good home.
125 gal solo tank minimum

I only feed him prawns, shell on shrimp, scallops, mussels, mystery snails and earth worms

I can include with him 37 fat juicy live mystery snails and at least $15 worth of prawns and shrimp for an additional $25
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Thought I had posted a price, sorry.
Price drop to $50

You can hand feed this little beast. He eats right from my hands. I would not be selling if i could keep my tank
Pictures please

Price= $50

Will include unopened bag of prawns if you pick up


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