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Hello, so i started a 10 gallon planted tank about 2/mo and bought a school of 6 Penguin Tetra's, the guy at the petstore said they were oK but i have since read online and been informed that these fish prefer 20+ tanks. They still have a lot of growing to do, they are energetic strong swimmers, i personally really like them i just feel they would be happier in a bigger tank. They are in good health and have been fed a combination of flakes & bloodworms. Their only tankmate is a peaceful (yet cocky) male Betta.

If you can take these guys on that would be great, shoot me a message. I paid $21 for them, make an offer you think is fair* i really just want them to go to a good tank.. my kid loves them haha.


EDIT: you can text me at 604-626-9009 or call in evenings.
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