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Here's a pic of the tank. Comes with florabase/natural gravel substrate, lots of plants (including Tonina belem, Crypts, Rotala indica & sword plant), 2 HOB filters, submersible heater, glass canopy, PC lighting with 55w GE 9325k plant bulbs, very realistic fake stump with live plants growing on it, piece of Malaysian iron wood with plants attached & wooden stand (not the one in the pic).

Fish included in package deal are:

1 discus
several angels
school of Cardinal tetras
school of Red Flame & Black Phantom tetras
small groups of different other community fish

Plug & play system.


If only interested in the equipment or only in the livestock, please feel free to contact me & we'll try to work out a deal.

Thanks for looking,

Anthony 604-868-5553
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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