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Unfortunately I no longer have the time for fish keeping with my new job :(

Below is what I currently have for sale:

75g (with stand+ versa top glass cover) - $60
20g (Long) - SOLD
10g (with cover+light) - SOLD

48 Inch HOT5 (2 bulb) - $40
24-30 inch LED - SOLD

Fluval 304 filter - SOLD
sponge filters - $2
JW pet Fusion 500 Air Pump - SOLD
4 way gang valve - $5
Magnetic Tank Cleaners - $2
manual Drain pump - FF
Fake tree decor - $5
Easy-Life Fluid Filter medium (used) - $2
Flourish excel (used) - $2
Driftwood - $5-10

75g Tank + lights can be sold as a package![/SIZE]

More items to add and pictures to come!

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Hi tarazedlol,
Sorry to hear about your circumstances. I hope you are able to get back into the hobby in the near future.
That said, I am really interested in several of your things. I have sent you a PM.
All the best,

EDIT: I believe your inbox may be full. I'm interested in your 20g (may I get dimensions?), sponge filters, led light, air pump, 4 way gang valve, magnetic cleaners and drain pump

EDIT2: I may also be interested in your 10g if the 20g doesnt work for me. You can PM me for my number to get a hold of me much faster. Thanks
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