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So unfortunatley i have to move house and am not allowed a fish tank at my new property, so its up for sale for cheap!!

the specs are

-75 Gallon Hagen Tank
- Eco complete substrate approx 3 inches thick
- T5HO lights, 4 foot long and 2 bulbs, GLO brand (cost me $250)
- Fluval 405 filter working fine
- Eheim Ecco 2236 working fine
- Fluval Stealth heater - only a few months old
- Stand is home made but is 2x4 all round and will not break, i made it overkill

Also with the tank can come all the fish and pants

- 5 Angelfish
- 14 cardinals
- 2 regular bristlenose
- 1 pair of kribensis (breeding) and some babies in the tank at the moment
- 3 Ottos
- Female Dwarf Gourami

All the fish get along great and some of the angelfish will produce wrigglers not that i ever kept them


- Red Lotus
- Anubias
- Many swords
- Java Moss
- Java fern

So the tank is fully operational as we speak and looks good. Theres also many other bits and pieces you can have uncluding 4 gallons of metricide and even some Tailored Aquatics Ferts

So I'm asking $350 for the entire setup, which is pretty cheap considering the gravel, lgihts, filters etc are far more than that!

The bad is that i live in whistler, and for the price you have to come pick it up, i will help you tear it down etc and show you everything but unfortunately im running short on time with the move and my business.

Contact me on [email protected] for images and any extra info

Please no lowballers as this is a great setup which i unfortunately have to sell
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