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Well at long last life has convinced me I'm just a little to busy for my once loved hobby :( but the good news is it means someone else gets a smoking deal on a dream setup of mine.

I'm looking to ideally sell all together but if it doesn't move I may be tempted to separate.

Except the fish they are a bonus to someone who buys the setup but I am open to selling them separate

Here goes the long list

Rimless Starphire 80 gal (48*20*20)
Gloss black stand
3 beamworks 52*1watt led fixtures
Eheim 2076
Rena XL
Turbo twist 9w steralizer
Inline hydor 300w heater
Cora life digital power bar
Co2 reactor
Milwaukee regulator solenoid
20lb main tank (fits in stand)
5lb back uptank(both tanks have current hydro)
Large pieces of drift wood
Black sand
50' hose with sink attachment (not syphon)
2L prime jug (80% full)
Assorted food (variable butt tonn including a 95% full huge jug of nls retail 80$)
Basically every planting tool available including wave scisors
+ bonus nets and cleaners and anything you really would want

Bonus fish

School of wild caught German rams
School of petricola
School of sterbai corys
School of rummynose

I have basically just shy of $4000 in purchases there over the last year or so I'm looking for $2200

These are pics of the tank when I first set it up and how the tech is currently setup. That co2 tank in the pic is the 5lb the 20 was out for hydro at the time

Thanks for looking


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Super sad to see you put the tank up for sale. You spent so much time sourcing the goods.

I hope you still manage to stick around in the hobby!

Free bump for a great setup!
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